jFuzzyDate is a lightweight java library for formatting easily readable time distances and dates.

It is easy to use, fully internationalizable and designed to be extensible.

Please note: This library is currently in an early alpha state and may change without further notice.

Why should you use jFuzzyDate for formatting time values?

  • Creates human readable durations and distances of time instead of cryptic number columns.
  • It's easy to implement.
  • Full internationalization support and a set of existing translations.
  • It's a very small library with small footprint.
  • It is open source.
  • Makes use of business friendly licensing.


The following table shows some examples of how dates and millisecond values get transformed into human readable string representations by jFuzzyDate.

Type Traditional Made readable by jFuzzyDate
Distance -84d 3 months ago
00:05:20 in 5 minutes
01:02:03 in an hour
Duration 16d 02:30:40 two weeks
55s a minute

License Information

jFuzzyDate is open source and released under the GNU Lesser Public License (LGPL).